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Mailing lists related to FreeS/WAN

The FreeS/WAN mailing list

The Linux FreeS/WAN project has an open public email list for bug reports and software development discussions. The list address is

To subscribe, send mail to with a one-line message body "subscribe linux-ipsec". For more information, send majordomo the one-line message "help".

NOTE: US citizens or residents are asked not to post code to the list, not even one-line bug fixes. The project cannot accept code which might entangle it in US export restrictions.

Archives of the project mailing list

Searchable archives of the list: Note that these use different search engines. Try both.

Lists for related software and topics

Links in this section point to subscription addresses for the various lists. Send the one-line message "subscribe list_name" to subscribe to any of them.

Linux mailing lists

Other mailing lists

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