The Linux FreeS/WAN Project

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The current version of Linux FreeS/WAN is 1.94, released on 2001/12/12.

Recent Project News:


    Monday our mail and list server went down due to poor software choices on our part (Linux fsck and rc scripts...). We should be up sometime late Thursday if things go well, maybe sooner.


    One of our volunteer sysadmins noticed that our SSL certificate used by the mail list machine was out of date, so he generated a new one. Since each user who accesses the mail list web server will see a notice that there is a new certificate they might also want to have a place to check the validity of the cert, here is the data (I wonder just how many of you will check...):

"" (issued to/by "Common Name")
"Freeswan"           (issued to/by "Organization")
"2002/01/28"         (is the Incept Date)
"2003/01/28"         (is the Expiry Date)
"7E:1E:B4:93:BC:75:59:93:68:39:AD:EF:3B:9B:37:85" (MD5 cert hash)
"0D:BF:EA:77:89:30:07:A6:10:6A:6B:30:AA:E5:04:61:B8:23:35:6D" (SHA1 cert hash)


    While freeswan-1.94 has shipped, there are serious known bugs in it that make it unsuitable for use. You have two choices, use the latest snapshot (snap2001dec25b seems ok) where the show stopper bugs seem fixed or use an older 'stable' release like 1.91 or maybe 1.92 from this directory .

    The next release (1.95) is scheduled for late January and rather then try to put out another 'quick bugfix' release we are going to just work on producing a high quality release for the end of January.